India's First Assured Event Insurance Company

India's First Assured Event Insurance Company

Don't let unexpected mishaps ruin your event!

Are you an event planner worried about the potential risks associated with your next event? Event insurance is the answer!


Skylife Event is the largest partner for most event insurers and a Platinum partner, which means we prioritize your policy and claims to guarantee they are treated as soon as possible.


Through numerous payment choices and savings provided by our Partners, we make Event insurance more reasonable for you.

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If you're at the location or at home, our claim professionals will be there in 30 minutes to support your Event Insurance claim.

Exhibition insurance refers to the policy that protects either the contents (such as the art work) or the venue of an exhibition, or even both, in case of damage.

Third-party liability for any accidents resulting in injury or damage that occur at the Event’s venue or in connection with the Event during the policy period.

Sports event insurance will cover legal and medical expenses incurred as a result of crowd injuries.

Event insurance protects event planners from a range of accidents in a number of key areas.

The investment you make in a particular event, like a wedding, might be safeguarded with the use of an insurance coverage known as event insurance.